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Each set comes in a pair Handcrafted with love Size: 2" x 1.5"
Sweet Mermaid scales print in salmon blush color Turn your favourite fabric print into bow hairclips (Customization available) Hand-made hairclip for humans and pets
Handmade with love Featuring a sweet pastel pink bow with black contrasting linings and a hint of pearly sparkle resin in the middle Clip size: 3.5cm (l)
Turn your little one into a modern mermaid with our handmade mini hairclips! Featuring lovely shade of tiffany green embellished with jewel purple mermaid scales resin Clip size: 3.5cm (l)
Customized your favorite designs into hair clips/hair bows today! Choose from one of the following clips Design C and D will be sold in a pair A, B, E and F will be sold as it is (1 piece) Prices vary based on designs